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    Mono Burgos would rather die with arrow in the chest than in the ass

    The Atletico Madrid assistant posted on Instagram to show how he feels

    Germán el Mono Burgos dando instrucciones a Kieran Trippier
    Germán el Mono Burgos dando instrucciones a Kieran Trippier | EFE

    Germán 'Mono' Burgos, Diego Simeone's No 2 at Atletico Madrid, took to Instagram to show how he helps motivate the players. Mono wrote: "This is our first day of work in the week where we're preparing for two finals that are coming our way. Real Sociedad and Juventus."

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    Mono Burgos: "Prefiero morir con una flecha en el pecho y no con una en el culo"

    "The players are adapting in the best way but the fastest thing they must adapt to is the weight our basge has and that requires mental preparation first to make the body in shape after.

    "It's to take on each game as if they were finals. We're preparing for finals! Not games! When the player understands that message you're much closer to hitting your objectives. The first thing you have to add to these minds and in everyone in general is this phrase. 'I'd' prefer to die with an arrow in the chest and not one in the ass. That is the recipe to get the team competitive and give the best of themselves on the pitch.

    "You have to give your life for your team-mate and carry him to success!"


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