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    Here is what PSG demanded from Barça in that first meeting in Paris

    The French club would sell Neymar in exchange for Coutinho, Semedo, a third player of their choosing on loan AND €100m

    Neymar saldrá de París
    Neymar saldrá de París | sport

    PSG didn't hold anything back in their first official meeting with FC Barcelona in Paris. Leonardo, the club's director of football, is open to selling Neymar but wants a deal worth in excess of €200m. Their idea is to secure a considerable sum of cash and then several players to make up the rest. PSG asked for Coutinho, Semedo, a third player of their choosing on loan and €100m. Naturally, Barça turned that down.

    Lluís Miguelsanz

    Lluís Miguelsanz


    Lo que ha pedido el PSG al Barça en la cumbre de París

    The Barça members felt like that initial demand was almost as if PSG wanted to end negotiations before they ever got started. However, both sides remain open to finding a solution. PSG don't want to keep the player at the club for at least another six months so it is in their interest to find a buyer this week.

    Barça refused to include Semedo in any future operation and have presented a list of players they would be willing to let go. Talks remain ongoing.


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